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A Trip to Roper Rhodes

BBS & Riverside staff were recently invited to visit Roper Rhodes Showroom & Distribution Centre at the Royal Portbury Dock. We arrived on a wet and bitter morning at a grey non-descript warehouse building a stones throw from the M5, nothing about it's exterior suggests the elegant artistry and warmth we'd find inside. Greeted by Matt and Jim we warmed ourselves up with teas and coffee whilst Matt went over the latest Roper Rhodes products produced for our in-house Instinct brand and the Riverside Bathrooms Brochure.

After the presentation Matt and Jim took us through to their vast showroom, upon entering we where immediately struck by their new Concierge furniture display, a flawless coming together of traditional and contemporary styles, perfect for the ultra-modern bathrooms of 2024.

The rest of the showroom was an expansive and eclectic mixture of Roper Rhodes and Tavistocks offerings, walls of mirrors and cabinets, sweeping vistas of modular furnishings and rows upon rows of fixtures and fittings. Weaving through the labyrinth of design and diversity on display was an immersive experience and an impressive example of the sophistication and refinement that Roper Rhodes put into the design and manufacture of their products.

We'll be planning more with Roper Rhodes in the future and look forward to inviting installers along too. A massive thanks to Jim and Matt for their hospitality and we look forward to visiting again soon!