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How Efficient Heating Systems Save You Money and Help the Planet

Heating systems are absolutely necessary. In modern life, there’s simply no way to get around needing one. In the dead of the winter you need heat and warmth, and all year round you need regular showers and baths.

Knowing Your Local Plumbing Supplies Company Is Important

Everyone should know their local plumbing supplies company. That might seem like a weird statement, however, hear me out! Plumbing, and plumbing supplies, are an essential part of keeping a home running smoothly and efficiently, especially in winter.

Why Winter Puts the Greatest Strain on Your Heating Systems

Winter can be fun. Snow, Christmas, New Year, and all that jazz. Lots of spending time with family, drinking and having a good time. However, the weather can put a heavy strain on your heating systems, for a variety of reasons, and it’s the worst possible time for heating systems to go down.

New Year, New Boiler?

2016 has been an interesting year, that’s for sure. Full of political turmoil and change, and social changes and developments. However 2016 has treated you, you still need warmth and hot water!

Boiler Checks and Why They Are So Important

Knowing the health and overall functionality of your boiler can be hugely useful and important. No one likes the idea of being stuck in the dead of winter with no heating or hot water, which, beyond being uncomfortable and unpleasant, can even be deadly for the frail, elderly or very young.

Nawangoma Pit Latrines 2012

Why Price Should Not Be the Motivating Factor When Choosing a New Bathroom

When you’re sorting yourself a new bathroom, the initial impulse might be to try and scrimp, save and budget as tightly as possible.

Posted on:Oct 18, 2016
Category:In House 
Posted by:isdigital

This definitely seems to make sense, in today’s financially uncertain and tumultuous atmosphere, but this kind of thinking is where many people go wrong with their bathrooms. Budgeting too tightly results in incomplete, dated bathrooms, ugly end results, incongruous features, and a limited benefit to the overall property value. What’s the point spending a little less, and getting something a lot less, instead of investing properly and getting what you always had in mind?

The pitfalls of budget house improvement or DIY are best left to be navigated by the incredibly experienced or foolhardy, for everyone else the old adage holds true; you get what you pay for.

Here are a few other key reasons why you don’t want to spend the bear minimum on your new bathroom, and why price should never be the deciding or motivating factor. When you’re having your bathroom fixed up, repaired or replaced, generally you’ll have a contingency plan for bathroom arrangements while your primary option is out of commission. If you’re getting the whole bathroom redone and refitted, it’s going to be at least a week with potentially no shower, bath or toilet. This means you have to sort some kind of temporary arrangement, whether that’s a kindly neighbour, or a portaloo on your drive.

These kind of arrangements, while tolerable in the short term, can become a real drag if you run out of budget midway through the bathroom project, and need a few more weeks to either save up some more funds, or source cheaper parts and fittings. No one wants to be using uncomfortable or awkward bathroom arrangements for lengthy periods of time, and unless you’re in the lucky minority of people with more than one shower, it’s something you should factor in.

Your bathroom is somewhere you use every single day. If you have a busy career or young kids, it can be a rare half hour of peace in the morning. The design and quality should reflect this level of importance. New bathrooms are always going to be a place of peace, functionality and relaxation, and if it’s anything less than perfect for you, it will steadily bug you, and make you resent even the budget amount you spent fitting it. Bathrooms are expensive, yes, but we use them every single day, as well as being a key place of relaxation and tranquillity. Your budget should definitely reflect this.

If you skimp on budget half way through a job you can end up with some truly clashing incongruous bathrooms. So you ordered the tub of your dreams, claw-foot Victorian chrome stylings, the works, but find later on that you’ve ran out of way more budget than you anticipated, and end up getting the most budget toilet or sink imaginable. It doesn’t look great. There needs to be a level of consistency in quality and style, or it can look strange and poorly conceived.

Let’s not forget the best reason for doing a full, high quality bathroom redesign and refit; raising overall property value. A great bathroom can substantially add to overall property value, as its one less thing new tenants have to worry about sorting to their taste. Doing your bathroom the justice it deserves by not scrimping on the budget can help guarantee the boost in value to the whole property.

As well as all this, you’ve got to remember that with cost, comes quality, provided you’re using a reliable supplier and doing your due diligence research on the parts and fittings. Everyone wants their expensive new bathroom to last for potentially decades to come, but that’s just not going to happen if you’ve bought the cheapest version of everything. On top of this, cheap generally means old stock that’s gone out of fashion, and you can end up with a dated-looking brand new bathroom!

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