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How Efficient Heating Systems Save You Money and Help the Planet

Heating systems are absolutely necessary. In modern life, there’s simply no way to get around needing one. In the dead of the winter you need heat and warmth, and all year round you need regular showers and baths.

Knowing Your Local Plumbing Supplies Company Is Important

Everyone should know their local plumbing supplies company. That might seem like a weird statement, however, hear me out! Plumbing, and plumbing supplies, are an essential part of keeping a home running smoothly and efficiently, especially in winter.

Why Winter Puts the Greatest Strain on Your Heating Systems

Winter can be fun. Snow, Christmas, New Year, and all that jazz. Lots of spending time with family, drinking and having a good time. However, the weather can put a heavy strain on your heating systems, for a variety of reasons, and it’s the worst possible time for heating systems to go down.

New Year, New Boiler?

2016 has been an interesting year, that’s for sure. Full of political turmoil and change, and social changes and developments. However 2016 has treated you, you still need warmth and hot water!

Boiler Checks and Why They Are So Important

Knowing the health and overall functionality of your boiler can be hugely useful and important. No one likes the idea of being stuck in the dead of winter with no heating or hot water, which, beyond being uncomfortable and unpleasant, can even be deadly for the frail, elderly or very young.

Nawangoma Pit Latrines 2012

When Buying a New Shower, What Should You Be Looking For?

Showers are essential. With most people having at least one a day, you need your shower to be right for you, especially considering you’re going to be using it almost every single day.

Posted on:Oct 23, 2016
Category:In House 
Posted by:isdigital

When it comes to buying a new shower, you know you want the perfect one for your perfect new bathroom. No one wants to drop thousands on a sleek, stylish new bathroom only to fit it with a cheap, unreliable and weak shower system. With all the available showers online and on the high street, as well as all the great, unbiased reviews and information available online, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get the perfect and ideal shower for your amazing fresh bathroom.

However, there are a lot of different things to consider before you order your new shower. Ranging from power, to value and price, to reputation and reviews to the simple looks and style of your new shower, there’s a lot more to consider than most people might think. But not to worry, that’s why we’ve compiled this helpful list of key things to bear in mind to help you choose the right shower for you.

Get a Long-Lasting, Hardy Model

Obviously a great shower should last a long time. This kind of goes without saying, but you kind find out various models and companies abilities for making long lasting showers online via reviews. You don’t want to buy a shower that’s going to pack it in after just one year’s use. Ideally you want minimum three to five years from a good quality shower, hopefully more. Reading up on reviews of different models and the quality of parts that they use will help you choose a long-lasting reliable model.

Powerful and Efficient

Obviously the key factor in the power of your shower overall is water pressure, but a great shower should be capable of heating up fast, and changing temperature quickly. The quicker the shower heats up, the quicker you can use it meaning you can end up saving power and water, which is bother cheaper and greener. Also if you live in an area prone to droughts during the summer, saving water can sometimes be very important. Speedy showers can also be paramount in the morning!

Great Value and Price

With the availability of both online and high street suppliers, sourcing a really great shower for a great price shouldn’t be an issue. You should do everything you usually would when buying a new appliance, such as comparing sites, looking for deals and special offers, including postage, warrantees and guarantees. There are some really great deals to be had out there, if you’re willing to look for them.

Reputation of Brand and Model

Doing your due diligence in research and analysing different models, including reading through a variety of unbiased reviews, should give you an idea for the general reputation and quality of particular brands and models, which can help influence your final decision in buying the shower. Different companies and brands have hugely varied levels of quality control and reliability, so knowing your brand reputations can be incredibly useful.

Availability of Parts and Easy to Repair

If you buy a popular, common model, much like a car, should anything go wrong you’ll have absolutely no trouble getting it repaired with fresh parts from a supplier or online. The majority of parts within a shower are pretty common, so there’s little to worry about unless you’re dead set on some new-fangled unusual modern shower.

Looks and Style

Finding the right style of shower can be crucial. Modern bathrooms are generally a very stylish affair, with a huge focus on correlating styles and matches everything up well. You can’t install a shower that’s a horribly clashing colour, or a clashing shape for instance. When you’re looking at showers, you need to picture them in the environment of your bathroom.

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