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How Efficient Heating Systems Save You Money and Help the Planet

Heating systems are absolutely necessary. In modern life, there’s simply no way to get around needing one. In the dead of the winter you need heat and warmth, and all year round you need regular showers and baths.

Knowing Your Local Plumbing Supplies Company Is Important

Everyone should know their local plumbing supplies company. That might seem like a weird statement, however, hear me out! Plumbing, and plumbing supplies, are an essential part of keeping a home running smoothly and efficiently, especially in winter.

Why Winter Puts the Greatest Strain on Your Heating Systems

Winter can be fun. Snow, Christmas, New Year, and all that jazz. Lots of spending time with family, drinking and having a good time. However, the weather can put a heavy strain on your heating systems, for a variety of reasons, and it’s the worst possible time for heating systems to go down.

New Year, New Boiler?

2016 has been an interesting year, that’s for sure. Full of political turmoil and change, and social changes and developments. However 2016 has treated you, you still need warmth and hot water!

Boiler Checks and Why They Are So Important

Knowing the health and overall functionality of your boiler can be hugely useful and important. No one likes the idea of being stuck in the dead of winter with no heating or hot water, which, beyond being uncomfortable and unpleasant, can even be deadly for the frail, elderly or very young.

Nawangoma Pit Latrines 2012

Top Tips When Replacing Your Bathroom

When it comes to replacing your tired old bathroom with something a bit more current, functional and stylish, there can be a lot of things to think about and potential issues that can slow down and even stop the renovation.

Posted on:Nov 30, 2016
Category:In House 
Posted by:isdigital

Replacing and updating your bathroom can have a lot of benefits, ranging from upping the overall value of your home, to reducing damp and mould, to simply making you happier and more relaxed. Let’s not forget, for many people, especially those of us with young kids, spending time in the bathroom, bathing or otherwise, is a welcome respite from the stress and hassle of life. With that in mind, your bathroom should be as complete, tranquil and pleasant as possible.

The main problems when it comes to replacing your bathroom come down to several key points that can all be abated with a little research, forward thinking and know how. Points like how to select the right supplier, what kind of budget you should look at, and whether or not to do more or less of the renovation yourself. That’s why we’ve put together a short list of top tips, to help you achieve the quickest, cheapest and least painful bathroom renovation possible.

When it comes to choosing your bathroom supplier, you’ve got two main choices. Online, or high street. Both have their own individual pros and cons, and both are limited in their own ways. The best way to achieve great value, and still find those obscure designs and pieces you want is balance. Achieving a great balance between local and online suppliers will allow you to find the materials and hardware you need; at prices you can afford. With online suppliers, the primary issues surround quality, and not actually seeing the items you’re buying, plus a lack of general expertise in their staff. As well as all the usual hassles and shortcomings of ordering online. However, they will often be cheaper, as they don’t have any physical store overheads to pay, and their range will be broad, due to the cheap cost of warehouse space in more rural areas. If you do choose to go local however, you’ll generally have access to expert staff members who can help guide you through your purchases, as well as being able to return and check the quality of items you’re buying. The ideal balance is mass-ordering all the generic hardware and materials online, then using local expert suppliers for the more fussy, precise stuff.

Choosing your budget really decides the overall look and quality of your bathroom, as well as the time frame you can get it done in. A bigger budget will allow you to get a quicker job done, with less hassle and a more stylish overall appearance. You can achieve similar results on a smaller budget, if you have a lot of time to waste planning and prepping, as well as potentially doing some of the renovation work yourself, things like grouting and plumbing. If you’ve not got the skills necessary, it’s best to increase your budget, and look at using quality tradesmen and parts.

The final point is time-scale planning. Knowing what’s done when allows you to plan the whole new bathroom replacement, and will save you money, stress and hassle. The other element of this project is setting up alternative bathroom options. Not having anywhere to shower or go to the toilet is the worst, and having a viable alternative set up, either a portaloo or an accommodating neighbour is the way to go. No one appreciates using half-way measure bathrooms for any length of time however, so knowing how long the overall project is going to go on for, and preventing it overrunning is crucial when it comes to keeping your family happy and the overall costs down. Any home renovations or projects can be stressful, and keeping the overall stress and hassle down is in everyone’s best interests.

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