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'The Ivy' in Clifton

Our latest Pub Lunch Review...
Posted on:Dec 23, 2016
Category:General John & Julia's Review 
Posted by:Ben

The BBS Christmas do was held at The Clifton pavilion in Bristol Zoo on Saturday 17th December.A decision was made to continue the festivities into Sunday with a lunch- let someone else do the washing up.

Where to go?

We wanted a stroll as well as food. The docks were considered and discarded, to busy this time of year. Gloucester Rd? Too familiar, the Bath, Bitton countryside to healthy. We settled on a return to Clifton. Parking the car a little out and walking in would give the required exercise. A drink in the Albion- cold and unwelcoming and then onto the village we came across the Ivy.

the ivy

The trendy London restaurant now gracing Bristol with its presence has a very imposing presence in the old Nat west bank in the heart of the village. Julia was convinced we wouldn’t get a seat but apparently they have a policy of holding tables for drop ins so we were seated without delay. The layout is grand, very reminiscent of the Wolseley in Piccadilly- relaxed European café culture. You are made to feel very welcome and lots of smartly dressed waiting staff move to and fro with unhurried professionalism service was prompt and efficient.

the ivy 2

Drinks menu is sufficient but no draught beers a bit of a disappointment. I always feel if you don’t offer beer on draught don’t play fast and loose with the price of the bottled beers. £4.50 for a small Peroni is on the exorbitant side and serving in heavy mugs with handles not very trendy although they were frosted from the fridge – a good plus point.

They offer a very tempting breakfast menu although at £13.50 it again pushes the envelope as the aqua equilivilent is only £6.50. I know Clifton is very upper crust but it’s not the west end. Sadly that finishes at 11.30 so we were unable to partake.

Plenty of choice from the main menu, fish, steaks chicken and salads although I was disappointed with the selection of sides from which nothing appealed. Having over eaten the night before on the full Christmas menu we opted for some light bites, Fish & chips and the burger option. Both meals were good, the burger available medium rare which is the modern trend and very nice as long as the quality of beef is good which it was.

I didn’t see any celebrities but all in all a very pleasant experience if a trifle pricy we will defiantly be going again.

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