Underfloor Heating


There are a huge number of benefits to using an underfloor heating system, here are just a few of them:

Comfort – a correctly designed and installed system runs efficiently and supports the body’s natural requirements for warm feet and cool head. The heat is uniformly rising from the floor rather than having warm pockets around radiators

Aesthetics – no radiators to get in the way of where you want to place your furniture

Silence – Underfloor Heating is virtually silent running

Low Maintenance – no need for manual operations such as bleeding radiators

Cost effective – lower water temperature means lower heating bills

Space – more space in the property as there are no radiators to get in the way

Individual room control – you control what temperature your rooms are heated to on an individual basis – for example you can have your bedroom at a different temperature from your living room

Healthy living – less dust movement in the room, and floors will dry quicker after cleaning

Environment – lower fuel usage means lower CO2 emissions, better for the environment

The Envirotube underfloor heating solution provides a fully warranted product which is designed specifically for your installation. This guarantees compatibility with the primary generator whether that be a conventional fuel powered boiler or a renewable energy source, such as a heat pump system. This is especially important if you are using a heat pump, as the efficiency of the system is compromised if the heat emitter is not designed to match its output and operating parameters.

All Envirotube systems are designed using standard heat loss calculations and in strict accordance with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme quality guidelines. This ensures that the system will perform as it is designed to do and the energy efficiencies of the primary generator are safeguarded.

Envirotube systems are also very easy to commission and to put in into operation. As well as providing all the information needed by the installer, all manifolds include flow meters, temperature gauges (on both flow and return) and automatic air vents. Installation instructions are provided on A3 sized plastic laminated sheets. These contain all the information the installer requires to ensure that the system performs as intended.

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