The IntaKlean magnetic filter is the ideal solution to contamination problems resulting in the presence of particles in fluid based heating systems. Thanks to its innovative triple action vortex magnetic filtration system, it filters and holds onto all types of ferrous and non-ferrous debris. The IntaKlean can therefore be used in all heating systems and is recommended to be installed on the boiler supply line. The isolating ball valves on the connections make maintenance and installation easy. As well as being fitted in conjunction with a new boiler It is particularly recommended when replacing parts, for example when fitting condensing boilers in existing systems (with metal pipes and/ or cast iron radiators).

- Actively filters ferrous debris and particles

- 360° rotatable connections

- Ease of maintenance

- Isolating ball valves on inlet and outlet connections

- Full length magnet bi-directional magnet

- Multi functional accessory port

- Includes air vent

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