The Energy Saving Heating System Additive

- Improves Heat Transfer

- Improves Heat Transfer

- Reduces Heating Bills by up to 20%

- Speeds up heating time

- Non-Hazardous Environmentally Safe

- Simple to Install

- Works With All Water Based Heating Systems

THERMOBOOST is the result of over 5 years of development in fluid heat transfer technologies.

This research has resulted in a super efficient additive for heating systems which improves the efficiency of wet water heating systems resulting in lower running costs. THERMOBOOST works in 3 primary ways to improve the efficiency of a heating system.

THERMOBOOST’s advanced formula alters the heating capacity of water, improves the heat transfer between heat exchange surfaces and lubricates the system for maximum performance.

THERMOBOOST is compatible with corrosion inhibitors and is non hazardous to the environment. THERMOBOOST is compatible with all metal systems and will not harm plastic piping. It works with all water based heating systems.

THERMOBOOST may be installed directly into a pressurised system using the injector cartridge TB 275 or added into a system from the convenient 500ml bottle TB500. See instructions provided on the bottle.

One bottle or cartridge treats an average system of 100 litres (10 rads)

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