Solar Panels come in 2 generic types, depending upon your energy requirements.

Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal panels collect solar radiation from the sun, then use this energy to heat the mains water in your home. Solar Thermal is a highly efficient means of energy production and can provide between 50 & 60% of an average households hot water usage over a year.

In summertime this can be as high as 100%, which means your boiler may never have to fire up, saving energy and money. This system works alongside your conventional boiler, so even in the winter months, you will always have instant hot water.

Solar PV

Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels use Voltaic cells, which generate an electrical charge when exposed to light.

The electricity collected by the solar panels is then stored and used throughout a home, supplementing mains electricity usage.

PV Solar Panels can substantially reduce a homes energy bills, as well as its carbon footprint.

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