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Solar PV at BBS Renewables

Here at BBS Renewable Solutions we offer a wide-array of products that provide both economically and enviromentally sound fixes to 21st Century problems. Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) is a core part of our stock profile and a technology that has revolutionised how we generate and consume electiricty in recent years as it offers a range of advantages to homeowners, businesses and installers alike.

From our Renewables Hub hub in central Bristol, and across our branch network in Ashton, Bath, Weston-Super-Mare and Yate we're supplying Solar PV direct to customers alongside all the ancillary products.

Solar PV works by converting sunlight into energy through cells made up of silicon semiconductors, when sunlight strikes the cell it excites the electrons in the semiconductor creating an electric current. This current is then fed into an electrical circuit via an inverter which converts the direct current (DC) into an alternating current (AC) making it compatible with electrical devices used in domestic or commercial settings, to be stored in a battery or to be fed into the National Grid.

The appeal to homeowners and businesses is undeniable as they offer significant cost-savings in the long run, especially when utilised with a heat pump and a storage battery. By reducing reliance on the grid monthly utility bills are drastically reduced, saving potentially thousands of pounds a year and adding value to homes, and thats before we even consider the huge reduction in a family or businesses carbon footprint.

ASHP Engineers will notice that customers who're concious about their energy use are often choosing to have Solar PV installled at the same time and are choosing to become accredited installers of Solar PV themselves to offer an integrated solution to customers and capitalising on demand. By diversifying their services Engineers are able to capitalise on upselling opportunities and access present & future government incentives while enhancing their professional development and credibility in the market. This strategic move not only expands their market reach and revenue streams but also future-proofs their businesses in a rapidly evolving renewable energy landscape.

Solar PV offers a plethora of benefits to both end users and installers alike, making them first choice for anybody wanting to embrace clean & sustainable energy whilst reducing their reliance on the grid. The benefits of Solar PV are undeniable, for more information on our stock profile or general guidance you can contact the BBS Renewable Solutions team.

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